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Performance-Inspired ConfigurationNew Mercury FourStroke Outboards

Fast. Quick. Efficient. Mercury FourStroke Motors are powerful, reliable, quiet, and simple to maintain. So, get out on the water, blow your hat off and enjoy the peaceful scenery as you zip along Minnesota’s lakes.


Performance-Inspired Configuration

The four-valve, dual-overhead-cam design delivers greater acceleration.


Hassle-Free Maintenance

As close as you can get to maintenance-free. No-drip oil changes. Clear information for routine maintenance provided on a decal under the cowl, with a QR code for smartphones.


Advanced Hydrodynamics

The FourStroke’s gearcase is designed to reduce drag and deliver more stable, high-speed performance.


Adaptive Speed Control (ASC)

Maintains engine speed (rpm) regardless of load or condition changes—without having to frequently adjust throttle position.


Premium Power and Torque

Big, bold power in a lightweight package delivers better maneuverability, greater acceleration, and maximum exhilaration.


Adaptive Speed Control (ASC):26-inch Mounting Centers

Hassle-Free MaintenanceThe FourStroke’s narrow, 64-degree bank angle and single-point cowl latch system enable a tighter fit to the engine block for a smaller profile.


Advanced Range Optimization (ARO) & Closed-Loop Fuel Control

Work together to adjust the fuel mixture and deliver the best possible fuel efficiency.


Mercury 25hp

Mercury 40-50-60hp

Mercury 75-80-90-115hp

Mercury 15hp

Mercury 9.9hp 

Mercury 20hp

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